About Us

Pragmatism - DevOps - CloudNative - .NET

About us

Who we are?

We are simply software development enthusiasts who like to share their knowledge around DevOps and software development. What characterizes us is our pragmatic approach. 

Pragmatism, what does it mean?

In our opinion, pragmatism means understanding the purist methods and theories of the industry and confronting them with reality. We all want our realizations to be perfect. In real life, we have to make compromises, choices and give up on perfection because it is often unattainable and too costly.


Laurent Docquir

DevOps Promoter

Architect with proven work experience in the medical and financial services industries. Specialized in, but not limited to, Microsoft technologies. Skills in .NET Core, ASP .NET Core, C #, Containers, Azure, Azure DevOps and Databases. Promoter of DevOps practices at Industrial Alliance. Adept of the Scrum practices. Occasional speaker at community events. Computer science professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Paul Lambin Institute – specializing in operating systems.

Karol Deland

Passionate about software architecture, DevOps and the Azure Cloud

Passionate about software architecture and DevOps, I am particularly interested in modern architectural styles adapted to the cloud.

As an architectural advisor and cloud and DevOps advocate, I assist teams in the development of software architecture, in the adoption of best practices and in the transition to the cloud.

Combining the roles of developer, software architecture consultant, coach and speaker, I specialize in .NET technologies such as C#, Visual Studio, WPF, Azure DevOps, automated testing tools (MSTest and xUnit.net) as well as automation practices and Azure.