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Introducing Dapr : cloud-native applications at speed

Dapr stands for Distributed Application Runtime. Its mission is to simplify the life of developers working on microservices and distributed applications.

How to get a .NET 5 docker image below 40 MB

If you ask yourself what’s the best language/platform to build a cloud-native application, you may find that Go is the way to go. The vast majority of open-source software written in this space is done with Go as it’s a perfect language for obtaining a working app with a very small amount of code and …

Remote Debugging .NET Containers

Vous préférez lire en français? Consulter la version française ici : Déboguer les conteneurs .NET à distance You will find several articles that will talk about local debugging .NET container through the magic of Visual Studio or VS Code, but it’s not easy to find the right information for remote debugging. Local debugging with the …